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Onely speeches: who swarms? September 7, 2008

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Copious Readership, help me out here:

If Barack Obama or Sarah Palin weren’t married with children, who would swarm out onto the stage to hug them after their big speeches? (more…)

REVIEW: Pride and Joy; The Lives And Passions of Women Without Children, by Terri Casey September 4, 2008

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Casey, Terri. Pride And Joy: The Lives And Passions Of Women Without Children. New York: Simon and Schuester, 2007

Casey presents inspiring descriptions of twenty-five women who have chosen not to have children. She describes the women’s hobbies, jobs, families, friends, pets, goals, dreams, and accomplishments so that their lives all sound as rich as–if not, dare I say it, richer than–the lives of women who did choose to have children. (more…)

More on Selfish Onelies July 6, 2008

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 Although some people’s first instinct is to think that people who don’t want kids are selfish, many people actually *have* kids for selfish reasons: 

–to improve their relationship with their spouse or partner

–to leave behind a legacy, copies of their genes

–to have someone to take care of them in their old age

–to relive missed opportunities from their own youth

–to fit in, because everyone else is doing it (more…)


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