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Defending the Onely July 13, 2008

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I turned on the radio and heard “couples all across America are in love with Defending the Caveman“.

That’s a comedic play about “the ways men and women relate”. (Both quotes from Defending the Caveman’s website). The radio station (Big 100.3) was promoting some ticket giveaway; the ad went on to say, “My husband and I loved it. . .” and “Great date show. . .” No input from any single audience members, or audience members who went with their friends. That struck me as interesting.


My Love Reminder! or, the origins of Onely July 8, 2008

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Oh, karma. A year ago my boyfriend broke up with me for the second time, when he discovered that I’d been dating someone else–while we were broken up the first time. At the time of that second breakup, I was not in a very Onely place and I actually–shudder–tried to apologize by sending him flowers from FTD! Not long afterward, I managed to scrape together the remnants of my pride and reason, and I moved on to Oneliness. Until. (There’s always an until, isn’t there?) (more…)


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