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Car Sauna June 27, 2008

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Being Onely means that I can indulge my habits that give me great pleasure but distress a large chunk of the population. I like to climb in the car on a summer’s afternoon and not turn on the airconditioner. I drive along with windows closed, breathing the glass-cooked air.  The sweat droplets well up under the bottom rims of my sunglasses. They race against the sweat from my hair-plastered temples, like beads of rain streaking down a window. I usually end up rolling my window down a little bit, but not before my whole body is bathed in a sauna of my own sweat and breath. If I were not Onely, I would have far fewer chances to engage in this, one of my secret favorite pasttimes.

Lest someone think that this is not a safe driving habit, let me note that I feel far more alert when hot than cold, or even room temperature.    –CC


1. Katie - July 6, 2008

Wonderful! I thought I was the only one who enjoyed getting into a oven-hot, scald-your-eyebrows-off car on a summer day.

2. onely - July 6, 2008

Thanks Katie! You are obviously a woman of refined tastes! -CC

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Car Sauna | Onely: Single and Happy

5. Sarah - June 9, 2021

I do this as well! Glad to see others who think the same way. I thought I was alone. I love the feeling of the heat and sweat in the car, though I usually won’t open a window.

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