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Remind Obama About Singles’ Issues November 12, 2008

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Copious Readership,

Let me draw your attention to Singletude, a positive blog for singles. Singletude has an excellent post about how Barack Obama’s diversity-focused rhetoric doesn’t seem to be as inclusive of singles as it could be.

 I’ll give just one example here–see the Singletude post itself for more great examples:

I’m going to pick on Obama for a minute simply because he is the favored candidate among the majority of singles. If you visit his web site and view the drop-down menu under “People,” you will see 23 special-interest demographics. One of them must be “Singles,” right? Nope. There are “Arab Americans,” “Rural Americans,” even “Sportsmen.” But no “Singles.”

But the good news is that Obama is flexible and open-minded. I am certain that if a number of Onelies (more…)

Single-Issue Voters? Hell No — But We *Are* Single! November 4, 2008

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Happy (U.S.) Election Day everyone!

Please, more than anything else — please GO VOTE!!!

But before you do, Christina and I want you to know: Onely Endorses Obama!!

(no way are we “undecided”) (more…)

Would Our Country Vote for a Oneler? October 1, 2008

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In response to an earlier post, Professor What If asked the above question and answered it with a definitive “no.” Unfortunately, I must agree. The United States may be (remarkably) ready for a black (mixed) president (we hope!!!), but it most certainly isn’t prepared for a single person to take the lead as commander-in-chief. As a case in point, let’s take Hillary Clinton: (more…)

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