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Being Onely

Got a question, comment, concern about the practice of “Being Onely”? Want to alert us to a book/magazine/movie/etc. that we should review for this blog?  Simply have a rant about Being Onely in a couple-oriented world? Email us at: onely @ onely.org 

Or are you a Oneler who feels you can offer a valuable perspective on what it means to be Onely and who is interested in occasionally writing for this site? Again, email us at onely @ onely.org. All we ask is that you first read this page if you haven’t already.

* Important Note: Keep in mind that anything you write below or in an email may be published on this site, whether on this page or as a topic for consideration on our “home” blog page. This means that if you provide your actual name, your actual name may appear in a posting on this site. No identifying information that you provide will ever be reproduced, sold, or used by us for any purpose outside of this site. So if you’d like to remain anonymous, go for it. We don’t mind. In fact, we actually want you to contribute to our site – so please, do whatever you need to do in order to feel comfortable sending us your thoughts/ideas/concerns etc.!

** We can provide no guarantees that we will respond to your comment in a “timely” fashion. But rest assured — we’ll be reading and we will try our best to respond in the near future. 🙂


1. Liz - October 13, 2013

Just discovered your blog today. Thank you. Last week I discovered that my colleague pays *nothing* for dental care because he and his wife each have insurance. Me? I can’t complain: I pay 80%, but it still sucks. And for my kid’s braces? I have to cover 50% out of pocket.

More venting: I pay more for auto insurance because I’m single (a mate would help me drive better, after all) and well, people in my neighborhood barely speak to me (very couple-y).

2. Andrietta Sundelin - October 29, 2013


So, what do you think, is she on point or not? For the most part I think she is….

3. juglar2 - May 9, 2017

I´ve just discovered your blog and I agree with you about heteronormativity/singlism. I would like to ask you to post a review of “The Selection”, a young adult novel by Kiera Cass who is about a contest to marry a prince!!!

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