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Great Onely Activities, Installment 23b July 17, 2008

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You know that pristine wedge of Gouda cheese in your fridge? Pull it out, bite off a piece. From the pointy end. Take another bite. From the rounded side. (Remove the wax first–just a strip slightly wider than your mouth.) Keep gnawing at the cheese until you get your calcium fix. Return to fridge shelf. Bonus points if teethmarks scour at least half of the cheese’s non-waxed surface area. Extra bonus points if the teethmarks are in shape of a grin.

Onely and Nut-sucking July 6, 2008

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I think Lisa intends to write something about how being Onely doesn’t mean not ever being lonely, or not ever considering a relationship, or not ever thinking it might be nice to find someone you truly connect with. True, true. But here is one of the many things that being Onely *does* mean: Onely means that you can open a jar of cashews and suck the salt off each nut one by one and put them back in the jar, and no one will call you on it or ask why the *f* you’re being so gross (it’s call a salt tooth–deal with it). –CC

Car Sauna June 27, 2008

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Being Onely means that I can indulge my habits that give me great pleasure but distress a large chunk of the population. I like to climb in the car on a summer’s afternoon and not turn on the airconditioner. I drive along with windows closed, breathing the glass-cooked air.  The sweat droplets well up under the bottom rims of my sunglasses. (more…)

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