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Great Onelies in History: Sarah and Angelina Grimké December 12, 2008

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Sarah Grimké

Last week we announced a new series: Great Onelies in History, featuring Frances Willard. Luckily for our copious readership, I’m finishing up a semester’s graduate course in the history of rhetoric, and so I’ve got two more important rhetorical figures for us to celebrate! This week, we’re happy to introduce:

Sarah and Angelina Grimké, Great Onelies in History!
Famous for: Advocating for women’s rights, suffrage, and the abolition of slavery. Angelina Grimké  happened to be married, but much of her activism work occurred while she was single — we think she deserves Honorary Oneler status!


Great Onelies in History: Frances Willard December 1, 2008

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frances_willard_2We’re happy to announce a new series: Great Onelies in History, which we’re sure all you history buffs will enjoy. In this series, we’ll feature people who made a difference in the world and just happened to be single while doing it!

To inaugurate our series, we’re happy to introduce:

Frances Willard, Great Oneler in History!
Famous for: Advocating for women’s rights and suffrage, especially through her leadership of the WCTU (Women’s Christian Temperance Union)


Cable TV, Scourge of the Onelys (installment 374x): What Not to Wear July 23, 2008

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Since I often work at home, one of my guilty pleasures is to watch reruns of TLC’s show, What Not to Wear (the American version) when I take a break for lunch. Today, inspired by Bella DePaulo’s chapter on the myth that Every Single Person Is “Interested in Just One Thing – Getting Coupled,” I decided to take notes as I watched today’s episode, which focused on a 26-year-old single young woman named Sohni. I was curious about whether the show’s rhetoric would carry a pro-coupling spin or if maybe it would just encourage Sohni to look fabulous, no matter her motivation. After all, Sohni has a career, hopes to go to law school, and likes to party with her friends in Chicago… Isn’t that enough? (more…)

Living Single Blog: Check It Out!! July 12, 2008

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Christina and I were so excited to hear from Bella DePaulo (author of Singled Out: How Singles are Stereotyped, Stigmatized, and Ignored, and Still Live Happily Ever After [2006] and inventor of the term “singlism”) after Christina mentioned her in a recent post that we couldn’t wait to say more about DePaulo (our review of DePaulo’s book will be posted soon – as Christina says, “stay tuned”!). So, after a quick perusal of her personal Web site, we discovered that DePaulo also writes a weekly blog, Living Single, for Pyschology Today. (more…)

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