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What if Married People Were Treated Like Singles? August 30, 2009

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A previous version of this post originally ran on the excellent site Professor What If (PWI).  The Professor is now writing a different (but equally thought-provoking) blog analyzing the Twilight cultural phenomenon from a feminist perspective.  Check it out! You don’t have to be a Twilight fan to understand and enjoy it. And now, back to the music:

Lisa and Christina both identify as white, middle-class, heterosexual women who don’t mind being single. We’re tired of cultural stereotypes that suggest we’re not supposed to be happy with our “relationship status”. Really the only thing we’re unhappy about is that we don’t have all the same rights as married couples.  This discrimination is just plain silly when you consider that in the U.S., a majority of households are now headed by unmarried people

Therefore, below we’ve asked (and answered) a few “what if” questions to highlight the material, social, and legal restrictions habitually placed on adult singles, more often than not in favor of those who are married.

Note: We define “single” as anyone who is unmarried, including: coupled-but-not-married and domestic partners; anyone who identifies as GLBT and are either legally unable to marry or refuse the institution of marriage altogether; those who identify as polyamorous or asexual; divorcees and widowers; single parents; and, of course, anyone else who is just plain single. (When we refer to the social [as opposed to legal] stigmatization of singles below, we’re referring more specifically to anyone who is uncoupled.) And with all that said, now back to the music: 

What if married people were treated by the media, friends, and family like singles (in this case, uncoupled singles)? They would encounter statements such as:

  • “Don’t worry, you’ll get a divorce someday!”
  • “Oh, you’re married? I’m so sorry!”
  • “You’re so great – how come you’re still married?”
  • “It’s okay to be married for a while, but eventually you need to grow up and become single.”
  • “You’re so lucky to be married and not have as much responsibility.”
  • “But don’t you feel bad not having a life, seeing as you’re married?”
  • “When are you going to get a divorce?”
  • “It’s so sad having to come home to a house with someone in it all the time.”
  • “Well, I would’ve invited you to book group, except you’re married and I thought you wouldn’t want to be around all those happily single people.”
  • “What’s a beautiful woman like you doing married?”

What if married people were treated by the government as singles? They would have to: (more…)

Onely Guest Blogs at “Professor What If” March 12, 2009

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Today, we hope you’ll visit one of our favorite blogs, Professor What If. The illustrious Professor invited us to write a guest post and it’s up today! See “What if Married People Were Treated Like Singles?

Seriously. We love this blog, and we’re honored to have been able to raise some pro-single consciousness outside our regular forum. Thanks, Prof!

— L & CC

Kick Ass, Brilliant Blog! Check US — And Professor, What If — Out! September 10, 2008

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So Onely’s been up since mid- to late-June and we just received our first-ever blog award from one of our readers, Professor What If…? We here at Onely are so grateful for the recognition, especially from a writer as interesting, engaging, and questioning as Professor What If (who really is, I might add, a real-life professor and therefore all the more awesome!). Every post of hers begins with “What If…” and she’s constantly asking anti-normative questions that are both important and often times hard to articulate because they deal with issues that are very easy to take for granted (ie, normative!).

The most exciting thing about receiving this award is that we’re in good company — PWI was generous in her awards (which is the best kind of award-giving) and heading over to her site will give you 12 more sites that might are going to thrill you with their splendiforousness (and which will likely end up on OUR blogroll)! Very exciting, indeed — thanks Professor! 🙂

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