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Chelsea’s Wedding “Most Important Thing” in Hillary’s Life Right Now July 5, 2010

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Oh no she didn’t! Oh yes she did. According to BBC, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told Polish television reporters that her daughter Chelsea’s wedding

Truly is the most important thing in my life right now.

Oh good, because that pesky Armenian-Azeri conflict was getting old.

Don’t worry, America–despite being on a whirlwind diplomatic mission to Eastern Europe, Clinton says she has “been able to fit in tastings and dress selections and all the other things the mother of the bride has to do”.

I would expect someone who put eighteen million cracks in the glass ceiling to be imaginative and open-minded about the meaning of a wedding, not to parrot traditional roles rooted in sexism and materialism.

And regardless of whether Chelsea’s ceremony is tacky or tasteful, it should still not be a priority for Clinton. She has a responsibility to the people of the U.S. and the world to prioritize her political obligations and power, for which she fought so hard and for which so many people supported her.

I realize we all have things in our lives to which we attribute unreasonable importance.  For me, my persistent oily scalp  often seems far more important and devastating than, say, Hezbollah‘s latest hijinks.  But here’s the thing–I would never say so out loud.  (more…)

Honorary Oneler: Hillary Clinton! January 27, 2009

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Way back in October, I wrote this post about my debate with Christina about why I think Hillary Clinton did not divorce Bill way back when it would have seemed appropriate for her to do so. I suggested then that we nominate HRC for status as Honorary Oneler – and now that Clinton has been named our 67th Secretary of State, Onely officially names her as an Honorary Oneler! (more…)

Would Our Country Vote for a Oneler? October 1, 2008

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In response to an earlier post, Professor What If asked the above question and answered it with a definitive “no.” Unfortunately, I must agree. The United States may be (remarkably) ready for a black (mixed) president (we hope!!!), but it most certainly isn’t prepared for a single person to take the lead as commander-in-chief. As a case in point, let’s take Hillary Clinton: (more…)

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