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Singles solicit the President-elect November 19, 2008

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Now that Obama is President-elect (oh the relief!), he has a new site to receive our input. I think you can still go to the site we posted before, but this one seems more current. Tell him that single women voters put him in the White House and remind him to help unmarginalize us. = )

 Hey, all Obama has to do is go up in front of the White House correspondents and say, “You know, the other day I was thinking how many cool, independent, well-rounded, happy single people I know.” Suddenly everyone (well, fifty percent of Americans, anyway) will want to be Onely! Doncha think? 

I don’t have stats on single men voters, sorry, male Copious Readers! -CC

Chemistry.com solicits Onely! October 6, 2008

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On our post about dating sites capitalizing on National Singles Week, we tagged chemistry.com. Probably in response to our tag, a chemistry.com solicitor whom I shall call “J” (short for his name, not for “Jerk”) offered to hook me and Lisa up with eligible men for seven free days! Wooeeee! 

“Dear Onely,” he says, “I noticed that your blog discusses the challenges that single women go through in today’s hectic world of dating.” Oh, J, you’re so sensitive! Are you available? (more…)

Get out the Onely vote! September 29, 2008

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Single women only earn 56 cents to every dollar a married man makes!

Newsweeks and Time‘s coverage of the Sarah Palin VP campaign contains singlist rhetoric disparaging both childfree single women and single moms!  (Even though single women form a key voting demographic that could sway the election.)

Bella DePaulo, a social psychologist specializing in singlism (and conveniently for us, also an expert on the social psychology of deceiving and detecting deceit) writes a restrained yet scathing post about these topics here on the Huffington Post.  Check it out! And then—GO VOTE! (more…)

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