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NATIONAL SINGLES WEEK: Quick, grab a partner! September 23, 2008

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WHOA here’s one for our “look what Google barfed up” file: The dating site Chemistry.com, in honor of National Singles Week, is offering free memberships so that national singles can find themselves some national nookie (as part of an established committed couple, of course). Um, excuse me (*taps Chemistry.com on shoulder*), but I believe you just missed the whole point of National Singles Week, which is to honor and appreciate the many good things about being single and the many contributions single people make to society. Don’t you think so, Mandy Ginsberg of Chemistry.com? : 

“National Singles Week is the time of year that the singles across the country receive the recognition they deserve,” said Mandy Ginsberg, senior vice president and general manager of Chemistry.com. “We are proud to offer all singles a free seven-day membership to one of the fastest growing relationship sites in the country where anyone has the chance to find a lasting relationship.”


To be fair, upon closer inspection of the first two pages of my Google search results, I see that jdatersanonymous, dating-weblog, and doctorlovecoach all are cashing in on National Singles Week. 

People, people, people! We are *celebrating* all that there is to love about being single, not trying to become unsingle! (That’s for *next* week!)



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