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Day Seven (Finale!): National Unmarried and Single Americans Week September 25, 2010

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So what did you do today to celebrate National Unmarried and Single Americans Week? Lisa and Christina both spent some time reframing personal goals so we don’t get overwhelmed or needlessly critical of ourselves. We’re sure you’re up to similar good things and we want to hear about it — so please let us know in the comments below!

We hope you’ll visit the seventh and FINAL stop on the second annual Blog Crawl for NUSA Week: Dr. Bella DePaulo of Living Single on Psychology Today posts on the Alternatives to Marriage Project!

Thanks to Single Women Rule for organizing the crawl, and to sponsors Cheek’d and Luscious Lifestyle for supporting it!

— Lisa and Christina

Happy National Unmarried and Single Americans Week! September 19, 2010

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Copious Readers, it’s that time again — time to celebrate our single status with National Unmarried and Single Americans Week! We at Onely would like to know what you’re doing to celebrate (and if you’re not American, we want you to celebrate too) — so please let us know what you’re doing to make this week special in the comments below!

Although we’re sure you’re busy with other celebratory activities, we hope you’ll also make some time to follow the second annual Blog Crawl for National Unmarried and Single Americans Week, sponsored by SingleWomenRule. We’ve been graciously invited to participate as writers-for-a-day on Bella DePaulo’s Psychology Today Living Single Blog (look for us there 9/22) — and we’re delighted to be a part of what promises to be a very exciting conversation!

In the meantime, be sure to hit the first stop on our crawl: Nicky Grist, executive director of the Alternatives to Marriage Project posts on SingleWomenRule!

We’ll be linking to our fellow singles-savvy bloggers throughout the week. Check back here for the latest links.

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Onely becomes Invaluable! January 28, 2009

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Onely thanks the Alternatives to Marriage Project for including us on their list of “blogs that are frequently updated and invaluable“.  Lisa and I appreciate the affirmation in a time when we struggle to post regularly, fighting the constant assault of jobs and school (and, uh, Facebook).  

So check out AtMP’s blog, where you can read about singlism issues and advocacy. See how they took the innovative and caffeinated step of sending chocolates to some judges who declared that an unmarried sex offender is not necessarily scarier than a married one!  (Goes to show that Bush’s problem was not enough people sent him positive-reinforcement treats. “Good boy.”)

–CC and L (now with rather big heads)

Become a Spokesperson for the Single Life November 18, 2008

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Copious Readership,

Do you think your single life is just fine? Or even–gasp–GOOD? Yes? Well, then you might want to help the Alternatives to Marriage Project by being a spokesperson.

Here’s an excerpt from the site, with details! –CC

AtMP maintains a database of unmarried people who are willing to talk about their lives with journalists who are working on articles or news pieces about marriage, cohabitation, and related topics. We think these real life stories are an important part of educating the public about unmarried relationships. (more…)


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