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Onely becomes Invaluable! January 28, 2009

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Onely thanks the Alternatives to Marriage Project for including us on their list of “blogs that are frequently updated and invaluable“.  Lisa and I appreciate the affirmation in a time when we struggle to post regularly, fighting the constant assault of jobs and school (and, uh, Facebook).  

So check out AtMP’s blog, where you can read about singlism issues and advocacy. See how they took the innovative and caffeinated step of sending chocolates to some judges who declared that an unmarried sex offender is not necessarily scarier than a married one!  (Goes to show that Bush’s problem was not enough people sent him positive-reinforcement treats. “Good boy.”)

–CC and L (now with rather big heads)


1. Rachel - January 29, 2009

And don’t forget to add your comments to the AtMP blog. And please join the activist network by joining the mailing list – and of course, financial contributions are greatly appreciated (and needed), too.

(Another invaluable blog writer and also AtMP board member)

2. gaoshuangv - June 3, 2012

I personally know a lot of poelpe that thought they were gay or lesbian, and it turned out they were not. I wish she hadn’t included that line, even more than the parents-will-love-you-regardless one. (actually sometimes I wish all advice columnists would do when they got a letter from gay teens is just say, write to Dan Savage. OR THE AUTOSTRADDLE TUMBLR, MAYBE. OR LOOK JUST FIND A GAY ADVICE COLUMNIST THERE MUST BE MORE THAN ONE OUT THERE.) to me it just smacks of it’s only a phase! which like I think teenagers already get that message PLENTY. PLENTY. I don’t think there’s anything too wrong with the overall thrust of her response, which is pretty much: relax, don’t worry about labels and coming out so much, do it in your own time. I think that’s a solid message to a 14 year old on pretty much any issue (my period’s not regular, I don’t know what subjects to take or where to go to study, should I play the violin or go to art class, etc etc etc). I just think that should be followed with a healthy dose of but do some exploring , which is what she missed, IMO. 1

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