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Newsweek Author Double-Dips in Singlism and Sexism June 10, 2011

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Check out this Newsweek article by Christopher Dickey and see if you can spot the problematic paragraph, then tell me what that paragraph’s content has to do with the theme of the piece. Really, I’m not being sarcastic–I want to know if I have some serious reading comp problems. I read the article twice, some sections several times.

Despite an apparent blunder into sexism and singlism (described below), the article tells an intriguing story, briefly profiling the NYPD’s ever-shrinking Special Victims Division and some of its officers. (The SVD does the important work of catching sickos who commit sex and hate crimes.)

Does an SVD investigator’s gender or marital status impact his or her ability to do this job or affect the way the officer approaches the job? Sure, possibly (though not necessarily). Dickey doesn’t overtly discuss this topic, but he does touch on the extent of female presence in the unit. And that’s fine. What made me uncomfortable was this:

‘Leave my perp alone,’ said Liz Gutierrez, the only woman detective left on the squad. Gutierrez keeps her tightly curled hair cropped close around her head, wears little makeup, and carries a gun, of course, under the jacket of her pantsuit. She’s single, she says, but doesn’t volunteer more.


Get out the Onely vote! September 29, 2008

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Single women only earn 56 cents to every dollar a married man makes!

Newsweeks and Time‘s coverage of the Sarah Palin VP campaign contains singlist rhetoric disparaging both childfree single women and single moms!  (Even though single women form a key voting demographic that could sway the election.)

Bella DePaulo, a social psychologist specializing in singlism (and conveniently for us, also an expert on the social psychology of deceiving and detecting deceit) writes a restrained yet scathing post about these topics here on the Huffington Post.  Check it out! And then—GO VOTE! (more…)

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