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Kick Ass, Brilliant Blog! Check US — And Professor, What If — Out! September 10, 2008

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So Onely’s been up since mid- to late-June and we just received our first-ever blog award from one of our readers, Professor What If…? We here at Onely are so grateful for the recognition, especially from a writer as interesting, engaging, and questioning as Professor What If (who really is, I might add, a real-life professor and therefore all the more awesome!). Every post of hers begins with “What If…” and she’s constantly asking anti-normative questions that are both important and often times hard to articulate because they deal with issues that are very easy to take for granted (ie, normative!).

The most exciting thing about receiving this award is that we’re in good company — PWI was generous in her awards (which is the best kind of award-giving) and heading over to her site will give you 12 more sites that might are going to thrill you with their splendiforousness (and which will likely end up on OUR blogroll)! Very exciting, indeed — thanks Professor! 🙂


1. professor what if - September 10, 2008

Hey Onelys,
Thanks much!
I just read an article in The Nation and thought of you — Gary Younge in his article on Palin refers to the “hetero-fest” we are being “force fed” via “tales of first dates and familial bliss.” I would love to hear your take on the hetero/couplenormative campaign! Would our country vote for an Onely? Sadly, I think not.

2. onely - September 10, 2008

Thanks PWI–great idea. And no, I don’t think that American would vote a Onely into the Oval Office right now. There’s too much of a misconception that partnering up equates with maturity.

I think Oneliness is on the *other* side of the glass ceiling.

Lisa has some interesting ideas about Hillary’s Oneliness but I’ll let her get into those. = ) –CC

3. lindabeth - September 20, 2008

I found you through her site, and I love the idea of this blog! I did my Master’s thesis on the normativity of marriage (which now extends to coupling) in terms of citizenship, gender norms and sexuality….actually, there was a lot to it and it’s hard to sum up in a sentence! Anyway, I suggest that sexuality-based coupling is a state-supported norm and to “queer” family is to open up other possibilities, and I find that your blog resonates with my thinking on that very much. Looking forward to being a reader!

4. onely - September 21, 2008


I’m thrilled to hear you enjoy our site and that it resonates with your own research; as an academic myself, I love hearing validation for my ideas! 🙂 We’ll look forward to hearing your feedback in the future…

— Lisa (and Christina)

5. Would Our Country Vote for a Oneler? « Onely. - October 1, 2008

[…] Oneler!, hillary clinton, hillary for president, singlism and politics trackback In response to an earlier post, Professor What If asked the above question and answered her own question with a “no.” […]

6. Mbuso - February 11, 2012

Women sluohd not be the chaser but the chased. The bible states, “he who finds a wife, finds a good thing.” Sick of Being Single needs to wait patiently and know that what God has for her is right around the corner; just don’t be distracted with junk. It will get in the way of the real thing.

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