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Nuts and the City: or, Porn and the Single Surfer March 9, 2009

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Have you ever been happily blogging away, without a care in the world, and then accidentally created pornography? This happened to me.  When Onely was a younger blog, I wrote my post about how, in my secret life as a happily single person, I like to suck the salt off of nuts and then put them back in the can. In my naivete, I coined the term nut-sucking as an abbreviation for this hobby.

Soon Lisa, who was monitoring our blog stats, discovered that in addition to people finding us by searching for  “rant single people marriage”; “single and happy”; “retort when are you getting married”; “how to stop wanting to be married”; and (my favorite) “when men are confused”;  readers also were finding us through searches for “nut sucking”  and charming variants, such as “women sucking men’s nuts.” (more…)

Onely and Nut-sucking July 6, 2008

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I think Lisa intends to write something about how being Onely doesn’t mean not ever being lonely, or not ever considering a relationship, or not ever thinking it might be nice to find someone you truly connect with. True, true. But here is one of the many things that being Onely *does* mean: Onely means that you can open a jar of cashews and suck the salt off each nut one by one and put them back in the jar, and no one will call you on it or ask why the *f* you’re being so gross (it’s call a salt tooth–deal with it). –CC

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