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Confused about men? Get you a Manslation! July 2, 2008

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OK so this post could possibly seem contradictory, because obviously the Manslator is geared to help women “understand” men, and, well that seems pretty heteronormative doesn’t it? … But the honest truth is, I’m addicted to this site. It’s a little bit like candy. Not only is Jeff Mac (aka Manslator Extraordinaire) funny (hell, he’s supposed to be; he’s a freakin’ comedian), his responses – even to the wackiest situations – are consistently intelligent and respectful of the women who are … confused, for whatever reason. And I think that all of us – Onely or not – can admit to being confused about man-havior at times. So check Manslations out — there’s a new posting every week day. Plus he agreed to add Onely to his blog roll, kind person that he is. So welcome, Manslations readers! Hope you enjoy this site (and we also hope you’ll tell your friends/families/enemies about us)! — L


1. Virgil Hart - July 20, 2008

You’re only confused because you’re a woman.

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