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On the road again… July 2, 2008

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So I am preparing for one of my favorite things, a road trip that begins tomorrow (which means that I won’t be posting much, at least through the weekend). I’m heading from Louisville to St. Louis to celebrate my best friend’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAL!) and then on to Kansas City to visit my grandparents (somehow I managed to promise them a visit in July — and I learned of this “promise” through a family letter which they send every month… I’m not complaining, of course… Just saying!).

Anyway. My point being: Road trips are one of my very favorite things about being Onely. I love love love being on the road, alone (with my puppy of course!). I’ve been on plenty of road trips with people (ex-boyfriends in particular) who hate travelling, or get anxious about getting home, or get pissed about being in traffic, or about how fast we’re going/not going, etc. I’m the kind of person who absorbs the stress of anyone around me – I tend to take it on as my own – and so doing something that should be as much fun as a road trip with someone who hates it/gets anxious/stressed, etc. is extremely frustrating to me.

So I look forward to the four hours I’ll be on the road tomorrow, alone with my thoughts, good music, and my happy-go-lucky puppy sitting in the backseat, smiling sweetly.

Happy Holiday everyone! – L


1. onely - July 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Mallie aka Carmen! CC.

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