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V is for Vacation! July 27, 2008

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Christina and I are meeting up in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula this week so she can teach me sailing and for a mini-backpacking trip to North Manitou Island. We hope you won’t miss us too much during our week-long hiatus, but we hope in the meantime you’ll read and comment on our earlier posts!

Have a great week everyone. We know we will! 🙂

L & C


1. Tag-team Blogging « Onely: Single and Happy - March 24, 2009

[…] Perhaps the activity of co-blogging isn’t really the subject of this post after all, but more the importance of friendship and extended family and the unique ways we maintain and strengthen those ties as single people. Before beginning this blog (says Lisa), Christina and I had been friends for six years but only talked on the phone once every two or three weeks (at most), and we had only seen each other a few times since she moved from DC to the midwest. Today, Lisa and I send each other multiple emails per day and usually talk on the phone at least once every week. Shortly after starting the blog, we even took a vacation together! […]

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