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Onely in the Kitchen August 5, 2008

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To me, having a relationship is like cooking Thai food.

I respect and appreciate people who enjoy cooking Thai food. One day, I might like to learn to cook Thai food. But rIght now, as much as I love a plate of lop gai in my own kitchen, the accompanying culinary hassle of preparing it myself outweighs my joy of eating it.  I don’t have patience to assemble the ginger, basil, fish sauce, shrimp, sesame oil, chives, and pork. I would rather use my hobby time for activities other than chopping, folding, and stir-frying. 

I am not disinterested in learning Thai cooking. If someone were to appear on my doorstep with a bag of bamboo shoots, eggplant, cilantro, sticky rice, curry paste, rice noodles, and mangos, and if this person offered to provide an on-site cooking demo and a year-long supply of pre-prepared ingredients, I would not send him or her away. I would without a doubt incorporate some Thai cooking into my hobby repertoire. 

But until that happens, I’ll just buy my crab fried rice at Thai Square and use my leftover time and energy for things that interest me even more than the delectable Thai cuisine. 



1. lp - August 7, 2008

ha! such fascinating and delightful “food for thought.” the extended metaphor, the lists (eggplant followed by bamboo shoots), the humor (and seriousness) in that “year-long supply” . . . wow, i’m nearly speechless.

i gotta a lot of commenting back to do–but this quickie i could do from work, before you-know-who walks behind me.

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