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Other Lisa’s comment: Stigmas against Married. . . Women August 5, 2008

Posted by Onely in Food for Thought.
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The Other Lisa makes an excellent and interesting comment regarding stigmas against marrieds. We hope to address that issue more soon. For now, I just want to say that Other Lisa’s issue also appears to have a feminist nexus.  She says,

“i was reminded again and again that being a young, married woman was the most pathetic thing one could be. . . i’m assuming most people thought that my most important accomplishment was getting married.”

I’m interested to hear whether young, married men feel this kind of judgment on them. I suspect perhaps not. I suspect that the people tsking Other Lisa for being a young, married woman would probably not tsk her young, married husband. He is likely still encouraged and expected to go on and have “important accomplishments” despite having a wife; but because it’s assumed she won’t do anything post-marriage other than have babies, she is tsk-ed for ending her “important accomplishment” period too early  (and I won’t even get into the mixed message of how society simultaneously considers having children an accomplishment and yet–not an accomplishment).  Thoughts, anyone? 



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