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Sick and Onely August 12, 2008

Posted by Onely in Food for Thought.
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I haven’t posted for a few days because I have been sick and miserable (thanks C for taking up the slack!), and when I emailed Christina to let her know that I wouldn’t be posting yesterday, she reminded me of the Sex and the City episode where Samantha is sick with the flu and, in C’s words, “bemoans not having anyone (man) to take care of her.” C also noted that the episode is “the ONLY time I ever saw Samantha bemoan not having a ‘relationship.'” In my current state of nastiness, I’m almost tempted to agree.

It sure does sound like it would be nice right now to have someone (I would say a “man” but then I’d be falling right into the heteronormative trap!) waiting hand and foot on me. But the truth of the matter is:

1) I’m grumpy as hell. No one should have to put up with me in this state (who says being single is selfish?!).

2) I’ve probably been snoring (and drooling!) thanks to all this congestion. No one should have to sleep with me in this state.

3) Going to the grocery store, then to the video store, then to the tasty new Vietnamese place next door to get C-Monster Odwalla (2000% vitamin C!), Lost Season 2, and papaya salad and seafood noodle soup all at once gave me a certain satisfaction because I felt strong and independent having to take care of myself. And when I arrived home, I threw everything on the counter and took a long nap.

4) I’m not suffering alone. My friends know I’m sick and are giving me the appropriate sympathy, and one even let me come over to her house after my dr’s appointment this morning to gripe and be miserable in front of her. And this is just a cold! If it were anything more major, I’m sure I wouldn’t even have to travel to see my friends — they’d come to see me instead. (Right, Friends?!)

5) In my grumpy, congested, nasty and overly unpleasant state, I really don’t want to be around anyone right now. Maybe I’m a little prissy, but I honestly don’t like being seen or swooned over by anyone when I feel like I smell and look bad. And anyway, I would hate for anyone to resent my being sick for all the inconveniences/annoyances it has caused.

6) Writing this post has cheered me up. And I wouldn’t be writing if I weren’t sick and Onely!!!

— L


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