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Onely Updates August 25, 2008

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Hello all our faithful readers (or… not so faithful, whatever – we don’t care, so long as you’re reading)!

Christina and I have been discussing how we want to shape the future of Onely. We have both been having a lot of fun writing, thinking, reading your comments, and etc. over the past two months. We’re looking forward to many more months, years, days, weeks (etc.) to come!

That being said, my semester is about to start (for those of you who haven’t read the “About Us” page, I’m in a Ph.D. program in Louisville Kentucky, and I teach AND take classes during the school year, so I’m about to get super-busy), and so we have agreed that, in order to make sure we’re both posting consistently and keeping you (our readers) happy, we have decided to commit to at least 4 (total) posts per week, and possibly more depending on how energetic we’re feeling. Also, new posts will probably appear on weekdays more often than weekends.

And while we’re at it, if you have specific ideas/request/suggestions for our site, feel free to comment here and/or send us an email — we will be happy to revise our site as needed to make you happy!!

So stay tuned – we’ve got a lot to say here at Onely, and we’re happy you’re reading! 🙂

— Lisa


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