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Cat People and Dog People September 11, 2008

Posted by Onely in Food for Thought, Singled Out.
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The terms “Cat Person” and “Dog Person” refer to someone who gravitates to a particular animal, not someone who likes one animal and dislikes another. Similar with Single Person and Coupled Person. 

Just because I’m a Single Person doesn’t mean I dislike Couple Persons or think that people in a couple (or who are actively seeking couplehood) have made worse choices than single people. And Couple Persons don’t dislike single people or think they have made worse choices than coupled people.

Er. Scratch that last sentence. As we know from previous Onely posts and from Living Single, plenty of Couple Persons do think that Single People have made some less desirable choices and lead less desirable lives.  

By this logic, I must assume that these particular Couple Persons also think that I, as a Cat Person (I love almost all cats I’ve ever met, I can read a lot of their body language, I am familiar with some of their physiology, and I would like to be reborn as an indoor-outdoor cat) Must Hate Dogs (I always stop to pet happy puppies that run up to me in the street).



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