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Long Week, but at Least I’m Onely! September 19, 2008

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I’ve been virtually (haha) absent from Onely this week thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Ike that blew through the city of Louisville on Sunday and knocked out half the city’s power. Although I got my power back early Wednesday morning, having to work in candlelight required lots of patience and extra time, which therefore pushed me and my work behind, and thus put Onely low on the priority list (quite unfortunately).

But as I told Christina on Sunday evening as I sat on my loveseat surrounded by a small stockpile of burning candles, I much prefer to be Onely to being coupled in a situation like this. Here’s why:

1. With a partner/significant other around, I would have not been as focused at night as I was able to be. I would have agreed to go “out” at night instead of being stuck at home in the dark, or at home, it would have felt awkward if I tried to complete a ton of work and my partner had none and nothing to distract him/her. If I hadn’t gotten work done for those few days when I was out, I would be ridiculously behind today.

2. It was actually really nice listening to silence – the kind of silence that is much more silent than when you have the “white noise” of power surging through wires, fans blowing, flourescent lights emitting a high-pitched wheeeeee. Being alone, I could really hear the silence and fully experience it, which would have been more difficult with another living, breathing, moving, talking being around.

 But — okay, I’ll admit. Power outages suck. I’m glad mine’s back on, and I’m back in the swing of things.

🙂 L


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