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That’s Right – We Get a Whole Week, Suckers!!! September 24, 2008

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Yup. That’s right. Couples get a DAY. We get a WEEK!!! (Not that this is a competition or anything — I’m just sayin’!)

Maybe we should be giving each other gifts — I believe I promised Christina a jacuzzi some time ago… 🙂

So — how should we celebrate, as a collective 90+-million-or-so bunch? Readers, submit your ideas!!!


1. onely - September 24, 2008

Idea #1: Pepper all dating-advice blogs with pro-single rhetoric!

— L

2. onely - September 24, 2008

Idea #2 (submitted by our friend/reader Lisa P who asked me to post b/c she’s having trouble submitting a comment on the site for some unknown reason): in place of all the email forwards i get that include “profound” messages or adorable, uplifting images that you MUST send to 8 of your female friends (or sock pyramids–damn you!), i would love depaulo’s “It’s National Singles Week: Here Are 14 Reasons Why We Need It” and more messages like it–that i could receive/help pass on. can one make viral emails happen?

if i still taught, i would definitely incorporate it into my class. thanks, guys. happy singles week! -lp

3. onely - September 24, 2008

I think everyone in my office who has gotten married or had a baby should give *me* a gift card this time. –CC
(Notice how inspiring and selfless the Lisas’ posts are, and me, I just want to GET STUFF. = )

4. pishposhetc - September 27, 2008

“I think everyone in my office who has gotten married or had a baby should give *me* a gift card this time. –CC”

One of my favorite episodes of Sex & The City is “The Right to Shoes.” It’s the one where Carrie’s Manolo Blanik’s get stolen at a friend’s baby shower. The “friend” condescends Carrie, saying she doesn’t have a “real life” since she’s single and has no kids and refuses to give $$ to Carrie to pay for her lost shoes ($400). Eventually she gets her shoes after she registers at the Manolo store to marry herself and puts those shoes on the list.

I love the ep since she makes the point that, singles spend so much money on other people’s bridal & baby showers, but there are really no days out there just celebrating single people’s decisions (taking a vacation alone, not marrying the wrong guy, etc.). The singles week seems to do just that.

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