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Out of the Onely Closet September 25, 2008

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Lisa has already come out as Onely. She sent an email to her friends telling them about our new blog and inviting them to comment. I keep postponing sending out a corresponding email to my peeps. Why?

1) Polite but lackluster response when I mentioned Onely to few friends in person (two married, one single but wanting to be coupled)

2) Fear of being a blog-pusher in this era of information overload 

3) My email list includes a (married) friend who on a couple occasions has described particular unlikeable individuals to me as being “(negative quality X), (negative qualilty Y), and single” (Caveat: this friend is a kind and giving person who could sometimes stand to choose words more carefully). I know this friend doesn’t think that *my* singleness is a negative quality. Or does s/he . .? It’s this “or” that keeps me in the Onely closet.

4) My email list includes a (married) friend who asks me each time we speak whether I have any news about my love life, and if I don’t, expresses disappointment. He’s joking, mostly. And it’s this “mostly” that keeps me in the Onely closet. 

These are not good reasons for not publicizing our AWESOME if NEWBIE blog Onely! 

Anyone else have trouble coming out of the Onely closet? Who thinks I should hit all my friends with an email announcing how awesome Onely is? Or should I tell them that every time they click on a post, a child in the Congo gets a bowl of rice?



1. Shannon - September 25, 2008

You silly – just do it! Your blog is awesome, your message needs to be heard and anyone who thinks you are an idiot for being proud of onely (the blog AND the status) is just begging to be cut from the christmas card list (or at least not spoken to for a whole week).

Maybe your friends, after reading Onely, will reassess their views on single-dom and single people? Contribute to the revolution girlie!

2. pishposhetc - September 27, 2008

Well, I link to your blog in my sidebar and definitely consider myself an Onely (and a quirkyalone, a similar type of concept). When I look at my stats it seems like quite a few people have clicked on your link from my blog.

I forgot how I found your blog initially, but I’m glad I did. 🙂

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