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Onely with Dependents? October 8, 2008

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Lisa and I write about some prosaic everyday happenings that make us appreciate the being single–such as our post Onely and Nut-Sucking. (Ok, so it’s my post. Lisa would not be caught dead sucking the salt off cashews and putting them back in the tin, even by herself.)

But what if we were Onely with Kids? We would probably not want our kids to misinterpret our nut-sucking and come away thinking that at a party, they can lick the salt off the pretzels and put them back in the Chex mix. We also might be more concerned about germs. I say “probably” and “might” because neither Lisa and I have kids and so we just don’t know. When we write about our single lives, we must write from the perspective of single, childfree people. 

So to expand our awareness, we are always interested to hear from single mothers and fathers, as well as any other Onelies with a dependent(s).  And so we flag Solomother’s blog for those Copious Readers who are interested in enjoying Oneliness while also being directly responsible for the wellbeing of someone else (and, therefore, possibly unable to suck nuts). Plus Solomother’s name is Christina, so she must be pretty smart. We also flag A Beautiful Dream blog by single mother Shannon. Her blog documents her life but doesn’t focus specifically on being single, which is refreshing in the way that movies are when they star an unconventional-looking woman but don’t focus the plot around her unconventional looks. (Of course, this never ever happens in movies, but maybe one day.)


P.S. This post is in no way a gratuitous ploy to reel in more readers via the much-googled term “nut-sucking”.  Nope, it sure isn’t.


1. Christina - October 9, 2008

LMAO! Nut-sucking. I’ll have to remember that for my onely nights at home in front of a movie. Do you think I can suck the salt off a piece of popcorn and put it back?

Yeah. I didn’t think so.

Readers will be pleased to know that there’s a big Blogtoberfest prize giveaway over on the Lifestyles channel on b5media, where I am happily housed.


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