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“Just Married and Determined to Die”–BBC News report October 14, 2008

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This BBC news report describes an 18-year-old woman who has undergone suicide bomber training and is waiting to her final assignment (well, her only assignment, I would guess, if she does her job right). She wants to kill many Israelis. She would prefer to kill soldiers but will take on civilians too, even children, because they are “brought up to hate us.” An arguably intelligent and articulate young woman, she appears to have been brainwashed into becoming a tool of radical Palestinian leadership.  But you know what is most shocking about the story? Yes! She is JUST MARRIED! This is so important that the BBC puts it in the headline: “Just Married and Determined to Die”.

Because if she were single, well, then, she’d be just that much more expendible, wouldn’t she? Also, if she were single, she’d probably be more inclined to off herself because really, what would she have to live for? 

This is old hat in the singlist rhetoric–a man is murdered and mugged and it’s tragic, but when we find out he left a wife and child at home, it’s OH SO tragic. Why aren’t they the same level of tragedy? Surely that single man left behind people whose lives were tightly bound with his? And even if he didn’t, so what?

Just saying.



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