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Honorary Onely: Trisha Yearwood October 15, 2008

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Yes, I know that Trisha Yearwood is married to Garth Brooks, so she’s not technically Onely. That’s why we are creating the Honorary Onely award. We figure we can make coupled people Honorary Onelies if they exhibit a profound understanding of the Onely ethic (or if they give us a large donation). If Yale can give George W. Bush an honorary degree even though he is, technically, an Idiot, then we can make Trisha an Honorary Onely.

We present the award based on the lyrics to her song, “Not a Bad Thing”, which is about a woman sitting in a cafe alone, and being ok with that. In the middle of the song she does begin to ponder a relationship with the waiter, which at first I thought was not very Onely–but then I realized it’s actually just honest: being Onely doesn’t mean never being open to the possibility of dating, romance, or a relationship, or never wondering “what might happen if. . .” or never noticing whether someone is wearing a ring; being Onely means that you don’t let those tendencies overpower you, that you don’t restructure your life or self-esteem around a quest to find a partner. The woman in the cafe never follows through with the waiter–instead, she comes home alone, and she’s ok with that. 

Who else should we nominate as an Honorary Onely?


Trisha Yearwood, “Not a Bad Thing”:

I’m sittin’ in this cafe // People talking so loud I can’t hear myself think // And that’s not a bad thing

The coffee keeps on coming // The waiter keeps smiling  as I’m riding on this river of caffeine // And that’s not a bad thing

I used to feel sorry for someone like me in a corner booth pretending to read on a Friday night // I used to say it just ain’t right // How could anybody ever have any fun without somebody, without someone

It never dawned on me the possibility that it’s not a bad thing

All those thoughts of “how will I live without you” // Tonight you know they’re few and far between

The waiter’s name is Joey he told me and that’s when I noticed he ain’t wearing any ring // And that’s not a bad thing

There’s a tug on the edge of my heart // It’s you again saying, “don’t you start letting go of me” // But I’m not listening

For once in my life I’ll feel what I feel // Let it be Let it be real // Let it flow through me and wash me clean Yeah it’s not a bad thing // It’s not a bad thing

As I’m driving home I’m thinking the worst might be over or maybe I’m a little bit naive

But the streetlights seem brighter as I walk up to my front door // I’m all alone when I turn the key // And it’s not a bad thing // No it’s not a bad thing


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