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Fun Sites for Singles: SoloTravel November 13, 2008

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I was out to lunch with my coworkers the other day and we were talking about our travel dreams. I said I was going to go to Thailand alone, to see a particular monastery. I said I wanted to do a solo trip. My coworkers–about five of them, a variety of ages and sexes (well, two sexes), mostly married but not all–in almost one unified breath said, “WHY would you want to do THAT?”

So that I can set my own schedule. So that if I want to take a whole day to nap in the hotel, I can do that. So that I am forced to meet new people and don’t succumb to the Bubble Effect of travelling with a small unit of people similar to me. And so that I can post about it! = ) 

I have travelled solo before, many times, in China and in Europe and of course in the U.S. But it’s been a long time since I sat on the floor of a train station rubbing a glob of hand sanitizer between my palms. 

So send them my way, Copious Readership–what are some great solo travel destinations? 



1. Bobby - November 14, 2008

I say go for it! I have traveled to Thailand many times alone and it’s always a great experience 🙂

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