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Onely Thanks! November 26, 2008

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  1. Our families (immediate and extended)
  2. Our friends — who we may as well call family
  3. Our readers — you! — for keeping us interesting and interested, and for proving to us that there *are* others out there happy to be single! 🙂
  4. Our cats and dog (Hi Kitty!)
  5. Our homes, which we come back to after long days and extended trips, empty to our relief.
  6. Pumpkin pies. All to ourselves. Good any time of the year!
  7. All the friends who offer their families as substitutes for our own when we’re far away, working through the holiday to get a Ph.D. (OK, that’s Lisa’s special one)
  8. Nut-sucking!!!! hahahahahahaha (that’s Christina’s special one, and Lisa wrote it)

Readers — what else are you thankful for?


1. onely - November 27, 2008

OK I’m commenting on my own post. But another thing I’m thankful for: Friends who feel really sorry for me being all alone on Turkey Day offer to bring me back leftovers from their families’ thanksgivings. Which means… I get to do my work, don’t have to make nice with other people’s families, and I still get the food!!!! Oh and my pumpkin pie, which I’m going to make in a couple of hours. I get that all to myself. 🙂


2. onely - November 27, 2008

PS the above doesn’t really have to do with being Onely. It has a lot more to do with being in graduate school with multiple end-of-the-semester projects due in only two weeks! (ie, Christina is with her fam in Michigan right now!)

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