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Where’s a Man When You Need Him to Sniff Your Laptop? December 4, 2008

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My laptop smells like B.O.!!!!!

Seriously, and Christina doesn’t believe me. I called her just now to tell her this very strange fact but because we live a few hundred miles apart, she can’t smell for herself.

And we agreed: This is clearly a moment when a Oneler could use a “man.” Instead of having to *call* someone hundreds of miles away, I could demand that my “man” sniff my laptop! I would say, “Man, you come over here and sniff this damn laptop! NOW!”

But, come on and admit it… The story is hilarious, especially since it’s told instead of smelled… right? 😉

My point? Being Onely makes everything funnier!!!

— L

p.s. anyone ever heard of a laptop smelling like a dirty old man? This is definitely as bad as cohabiting… 😦


1. fingers - July 17, 2009

mine does. i think some food particle got in and is roasting.

2. Zebra - September 17, 2009

Did you ever figure out why it smells like that? Mine does too, and I’m rather concerned….

Onely - September 18, 2009

I think it was because the laptop was overheating. . . but this is Christina talking, and Lisa may think differently. Though I do believe she got a new laptop shortly thereafter, if I remember correctly.

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