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ONELIES GONE WILD: Onely does Costa Rica December 15, 2008

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I’m going to Costa Rica. Why? Not because everyone tells me how gorgeous it is. Not because of the wealth of ecosystems. Not because of the pelagic snorkelling. Not because the Ticos are friendly. Not because I’ve never been to Central America. No. I’m going because two summers ago, my boyfriend and I bought flights to Germany. He did the booking, then he dumped me and uninvited me from the trip, leaving me single and saddled with an 800 dollar credit with Continental airlines. Months ticked by, and I couldn’t decide what to do with the ticket. I had poor health and no great motivation to go anywhere, especially because it seemed that all the Continental flights from DC to anywhere had to first make a jig-jag through Newark, New Jersey. Not a big deal, but it irritated me, as things will when you’re irritable. Meanwhile,  the ticket was nearing expiration.

Enter my over-the-top coworker S and his wife J, who are celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary at the Mar Y Selva Ecolodge on the southwest Pacific coast of The Rich Coast. They invited their friends and extended family to come down and celebrate with them. “Our friends have been so important to us over the years,” said S. “We lived with friends for a lot of the time when we were just getting started out.” I’m paraphrasing here, but you get the idea:  S & J are Honorary Onelies! 

The 800 dollars covered the ticket, plus even some left over towards a flight for my sister. Then Continental put us in international business class, as dictated by the quantum physics of airline seating and pricing (and, I like to think, karma). 

Copious Readership, in what ways have you taken the dregs of an inauspicious relationship and turned them into a Great Onely Activity?  -CC

P.S. Pretty sure the snorkelling will be better than in Germany.


1. Andy Graham - December 16, 2008

Onely, opposite of a couple, this is a great concept. I have been single for 53 years, never been married. Often people assume I am unhappy because I am not married. I have girlfriends, I have good relationships, however at the end of the day I enjoy onely. I have traveled now perpetually now for over 10 years and 79 countries and onely is good. Thanks from Andy of HoboTraveler.com in Guatemala Travel Blog and Hotels

2. Nicole - December 16, 2008

nothing to contribute, just to say HAVE FUN!

3. onely - December 22, 2008

Thanks for the travel well-wishes, Nicole and Andy. Looking forward to hear about any single travel (or non-single travel!) recommendations you may have! CC

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