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Great Onelies in Real Time: Veronica Dylan December 22, 2008

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Lisa and I are doing our Onely thing in California and Costa Rica, respectively. A few days ago, at the resort where I was staying on the southwest Pacific coast, I had the good fortune to meet another Great Onely: Veronica Dylan, who owns a rockin’ sparkle blouse and also blogs with honesty and humor about life after divorce.

I like her blog “So Over You”  for a couple reasons (in addition to the blouse!):

One–it’s juicy and sharp, like a starfruit. (Hey, I’m on a tropical vacation, ok?)

Two–Lisa and I, as never-marrieds, can’t address all the issues attached to singles of different status from ourselves: the divorced, the single parents, the widowed. We like to hear from and read about Onelies of all stripes.

Three–Veronica is heading toward self-fulfillment and rediscovery, but she doesn’t Pollyanna it up. She also describes the dark side of going through an emotional passage: the yelling, the tears, the throwing things. 

Copious Readers, what have *you* thrown during some of life’s trying times? A cell phone? Thermometer? Phone handset? Mug? Another cell phone? Oh no, wait, that’s all me. –CC


1. Veronica Dylan - January 25, 2009

The shirt was Tory Burch

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