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Spurrious Rhetoric, continued January 3, 2009

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As a follow-up to my below Spurrious Rhetoric post, I feel compelled to acknowledge that buried in Dr. Pam Spurr’s singlist article is this one conciliatory, cover-your-ass sentence fragment: “Although, granted, there are some truly happy single women, the majority. . . ”  

But at the beginning of her post she says she doesn’t believe that “any” single women are happy. So which is it? And  how is she able to pass judgement on who is “truly” happy and who isn’t? In her article, she decides that one particular singleton is lying about her happiness because she crosses her arms “defensively”! Um, ever heard of air conditioning chills?  Or maybe as she spoke, she was sensing Spurr’s singlist nature and steeling herself against it. Reading Spurr’s article, I felt like crossing my arms, too (and uncrossing them in the form of a right hook ) .

Do I sound righteously cranky? Or  DEFENSIVE? Has this whole blog just been an elaborate exercise in denial?  Copious Readers, say it ain’t so!  Say it ain’t so! 



1. professor what if - January 3, 2009

No, you are not in denial! Does this Dr. Spurr cover how UNHAPPY many non-onelys are, married women in particular?
On another note, did you happen to watch the NY Eve tv coverage with Seacrest and Pickler? Practically EVERY person in 2009 was “GOING TO HAVE MORE FUN” by getting married! Ugh and ugh. As if hooking up monogamy style is the best way to improve a year. Puke.

2. Kristen - January 4, 2009

Funny, I read another study (wish I could remember where) that said crossing your arms was a power position that many people take when facing challenges or making important decisions. I’m sure her tone immediately put the single woman on the defensive.

Is she trained in lie detection? I’m a trained interrogator and counterintelligence specialist, and I AM trained in lie detection. Crossing your arms is NOT a deception indicator. Writing dizzy-broad articles like Dr. Spurr’s, however, is a clear case of “something ain’t right here.”

She does not write like any psychologist/psychiatrist I’ve ever known. I emailed that article to an old friend who heads the psychiatry program at a major university, and she laughed at it. “No way she’s trained,” was the assessment. I think she’s just making all that crap up to back her biases and give some weight to opinions that don’t deserve it.

I find it hard to believe that this story generated zero comments. I’m sure it’s the all in the “premoderated” disclaimer. I just sent her a zinger, but it won’t get published. No surprise, since any evidence that doesn’t support her Stone-Age logic has clearly been ignored from the outset. I found it especially laughable that she doesn’t treat or get emails from happy single women. Talk about blinding flash of the obvious! She only gets communications from miserable people because she’s…wait for it…a SHRINK. At least ostensibly.

I think she absolutely invented the women she uses as case studies. Or maybe she just attracts a particular brand of dizzy broad.

3. onely - January 5, 2009

PWI and Kristen — thank you for your affirmative commentary!!! THANK GOD we here at Onely aren’t completely crazy. 🙂

— L

4. onely - January 5, 2009

Go ahead, Kristen!! I too was puzzling about the lack of comments on her post. I bet you’re right–I just went and looked for your “zinger” and STILL “no comments”. Heh.

I KNEW crossing arms was a silly indicator of deception, I KNEW it. Thanks!


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