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On a (Few) Positive Note(s)… February 24, 2009

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OK, so we know that our readers love us for our witty and (sometimes) snarky prose that aims to raise consciousness about our (unnaturally?) HAPPY lives as singles. And we know ya’ll love us for exposing and resisting the difficult position singles are often put in by heteronormative cultural and traditional assumptions and practices.

BUT — for a change of pace, Christina and I are happy to report on two positive representations of singles in the media that we noticed recently:

First, I’m happy to report from my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, an article in our local “alternative weekly” paper, the LEO, that responds respectfully to a diner who felt she had experienced singlism when she dined alone recently. Not only do we agree with the author’s tips on what a single person should expect when dining alone, but we’re especially impressed by the fact that the author, Marsha Lynch, took our single diner’s complaints seriously and offered a balanced and respectful consideration of the issue. We recommend that all our readers peruse the article for Ms. Lynch’s grounded perspective on the issue, and we commend Ms. Lynch for implicitly recognizing that many diners eat alone — instead of trying to shove the issue under the table (so to speak).

Second, although we’re horrified by some of the ignorant comments that were posted in response to this (very short) article on AskMen.com, we’re happy to see that such a popular venue considers the topic of “Discrimination against Single Men” a viable one! It’s clear a lot of work still needs to be done to illuminate the issues, but don’t worry – Christina spoke up for the Onely perspective (as you’ll see when you browse the comments section).

Copious Readers, we know it’s easiest to notice the negative about how we’re treated and perceived as Onelers — please share your positive notes if and when they come!

— L


1. Singlutionary - February 24, 2009

Fantastic! I worked in a restaurant for a long time so I always tip well in general but even more as a single diner. And I LOVED my single diners when I was waiting tables. They were so easy and I sometimes would chat with them if I had time and they were always interesting people!

Onely, you were the only person who had an intelligent thing to say on the askmen.com article! I am so discouraged by the people commenting there. Oh well! Yay for Onely!

2. Rachel - February 25, 2009

Oh, my! Could it be that we’re actually making a dent in the collective conscious?!? Maybe there is hope! Keep up the great work!

3. bobby - February 25, 2009

Thanks for the good news. I agree that Ms. Lynch, and those like her, are to be commended!

I also think CC did a bang up job in the replies of askmen, although they need better moderating for sure!

4. Shannon - February 26, 2009

I am really glad when I see positive things about eating out alone. I mean, I’d do it anyway, but it’s good to see not everyone considers me a leper when I do!

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