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Onely Adventures! April 30, 2009

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Hello copious readers,

Just wanted to write a quick hello to let ya’ll (we say ya’ll in Kentucky!) know that Christina’s going to be holding down the (hypothetical) fort for the next two weeks or so. I’m headed off on my first solo international adventure in a few short hours — to Great Britain!

Those of you who have read our profile page (About Lisa & Christina) know that this isn’t my first solo adventure… In fact, one of my first (and my greatest) Onely moments occurred when I decided to drive alone (well, with my dog) all the way from St. Louis to California and back again about two years ago.

Now, I’m traveling alone again — this time overseas! I have only traveled overseas a few times, and never alone — and never to Europe – so I’m actually pretty nervous, but also (obviously) super-excited. I decided that going to the UK made sense for my first solo international adventure because 1) there’s no language barrier; 2) I have a friend who lives/studies in Cambridge; and 3) there’s no time like the present — to start somewhere!

Plus, I turned 30 a few weeks ago and I needed to celebrate!

I’ll try to pop in off and on when I have internet access just to say hello and report on the joys of traveling solo! If you have any suggestions for me (and others) based on your own experiences traveling alone, feel free to post in the comments section below. 🙂

— Lisa


1. Singlutionary - April 30, 2009

Sometimes I get really intimidated when i travel alone and don’t want to leave my hotel room. I really have to FORCE myself out the door but once I am out on the street I feel fine. In general, I enjoy traveling alone much more than with another person. Coordinating two or more people’s habits and interests, etc can be a real trial. So I am super excited for you! And I can’t wait to hear about it.

I haven’t traveled alone very much outside of the US. Happy Birthday!

2. trauma queen - April 30, 2009

way to go! enjoy yourself 🙂

3. Lauri - April 30, 2009

Cool! I went to London a few years ago alone to check out grad schools and see if I wanted to live there. I had an awesome time just exploring around by myself. At points I had moments of, “crap, if something happened to me, no one would know,” but I got past them!

4. singal - May 1, 2009

The only time i’ve travelled alone was when i went to a pacific island where i knew some people who lived there. Glad i knew someone as the hotel was full of people that were never around, so there was little chance of just being able to strike up a conversation with other guests!!!

I found that the staff were very friendly 😉

One thing that you might enjoy doing is if you ever find yourself “alone” and with nothing to do, go to a “pub” and find an “oldie” and just talk to them about themselves and their lives….. they might just have some interesting experiences to tell you and you’ll learn a lot about another culture (just don’t do anything that’s dangerous etc etc … maybe don’t tell them that you’re single ….)

After saying the above I realised that it might not be “safe” to talk with locals like this …. maybe i’m just too trusting??

Have a GREAT holiday 🙂

5. Alan - May 1, 2009

Sound like quite an adventure.

Never been outside the US myself. I don’t travel a lot, and when I do it tends to be to places that hold some sort of personal significance or have caught my interest, as opposed to major tourist destinations.

Which is easier to do by yourself; another person might find these travel choices a bit weird.

6. bobby - May 1, 2009

Well, have yourself a fantastic time and happy belated birthday! 🙂

7. ernesto - May 2, 2009

Buen viaje Lisa! Me emociona tu viaje aunque yo no lo estoy viviendo.
Gracias por compartirlo.

onely - May 5, 2009

YAY! Our first Spanish comment! Or rather, our first foreign-language comment ever! Muchas Gracias Ernesto!

8. anna - May 3, 2009

Have a great adventure you guys!


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