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STFU Redbook: I’m Single and I’m Going to Vegas! March 24, 2012

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I had always considered Redbook just one step above an inflight magazine. Now I’ve downgraded it to a ranking underneath inflight magazines but above the backs of cereal boxes (except for Kashi cereal boxes; those are still several steps above Redbook).  But Why? Why do we at Onely want Redbook to STFU?

Because this month’s issue has an article titled “Your perfect hotel finder!” which I eagerly picked up while waiting for my dermatologist. (Perfect skin to go with my perfect hotel!)  The article was organized spreadsheet-style, with a column on the left delineating exciting locations: New York!–LA!–Chicago!–Las Vegas! and for each location there was a row of different hotel options: Magic Castle Hotel!–Terranea Resort! And (the dreamiest-sounding) Acqualina Resort and Spa on the Beach!  The hotels options were themselves organized in columns, according to who you were travelling with: If You’re Bringing Your Kids!–If You’re Doing the Couple Thing!–If You’re Travelling Solo!

HAHA just kidding. There was no If You’re Travelling Solo! option. My eyes scanned across the Kids and Couple options looking for a Single Travellers column, but they just kept scanning right right right into the inner fold of the magazine.

That’s right, no Acqualina Spa for me, because I don’t have a kids or chronic sex partner to travel with. Probably I should write Redbook a polite but indignant letter educating them about the increasing solo traveller demographic. But I would rather just go get a wine cooler from my bathtub and sit on my back stoop in an inflatable baby pool, as single people do because there are no hotels for us.


Photo credit: Fotopedia, Mnadi Sheraton Miramar Resort, Egypt


1. Solitary Diner - March 25, 2012

In fairness to Redbook, it isn’t exactly a magazine aimed at single women! But it is frustrating to not even exist in the eyes of a national magazine. Almost makes me want to take my single self to Vegas in protest.

2. Jackie - March 25, 2012

Hi Christina,
Like most magazines, Redbook has a targeted demographic. Their demographic is young, married women (18-35) with children. In no way does the magazine care or cater to single women — and, I am single, too. For articles about traveling to Las Vegas or other cities as a single woman, try SELF Magazine, Traveler, or The New York Times feature, “36 Hours in…(featured city).

3. Onely - March 25, 2012

Um, yeah, because married women never travel solo.

Solitary Diner - March 25, 2012

Point well taken.

Onely - March 25, 2012

Solitary, I was not taking a snarky tone with you, just FYI. Your comment was measured and sensible. 🙂 cc

4. Alan - March 27, 2012

I’m with the first two posters, while I think it is unfortunate that Redbook didn’t include info on destinations for single travelers, it may well be because they aren’t part of the magazine’s target demographic. No reason to want to tell them to “STFU”

5. Scott - March 28, 2012

My mother and my sister are both married. My sister is 30 (i.e. smack dab in the purported Redbook target demographic). The three of us are going to Paris this summer, without their husbands (gasp!).

We’re actually looking for a hotel right now. Since my sister is leaving her kiddies and hubby behind, is there a column for this? Or, don’t married people travel with friends either?

My friend Gayle is married but frequently travels alone for pleasure. But, then again, she doesn’t read trash like Redbook.

Onely - March 30, 2012

Yes, I learned that next time I’m at the doctor’s office, I should pick up some different trash to read. = )

6. oliviareadinginthebath - March 29, 2012

I’m happy for magazines to target their different demographics or whatever, but would LOVE an ‘If You’re Travelling Solo’ option!

7. tehomet - April 8, 2012

I’m unimpressed by that article.

I’m unimpressed by the attitude of hotels to solo travellers too. Which is why my last holiday was in a campervan and my next will (hopefully) involve bringing a tent.

Onely - April 8, 2012

Good decision. People complain about bugs on camping trips, but think about how many buggies live in the pillows of hotels, even the snobbiest ones. = )

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