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Why Are Single People So Financially Stressed? October 24, 2012

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As you know from our most recent post, money’s been on our mind here at Onely recently. And it’s getting us some press! Check out our very own Christina featured in this story at US News and World Report. She talks about some of the financial challenges she’s encountered as a single woman living in the U.S.

Very soon, we’ll be featuring a guest post by one of our Copious Readers, Scott, whose estimation about how much more singles pay over a lifetime than married people – more than $1 million – was the closest to our estimates!




1. tehomet - October 24, 2012

Holy crap, more than one million dollars?!

2. RachelAB - October 25, 2012

Wahoo! Congratulations on being included in such an important article!

RachelAB - October 25, 2012

And thank you for call on us to fight for our rights rather than simply suggesting individual solutions… 🙂

Onely - October 27, 2012

= ) = )

3. Alan - October 25, 2012

Couldn’t help but notice how the MetLife rep ascribed the better financial performance of couples to having someone else to look out for. Another variation on the “singles are irresponsible/selfish” meme. Instead of perhaps concluding that because they have less income is the reason they’re not employing financial advisers or putting as much into retirement.

Or perhaps because they’ve decided that they have higher goals than just being a rich old geezer. Which is a lot easier to do as a single person than as a couple

4. Keri Rheinfrank - October 27, 2012

I recently started a payment plan for my cremation, so my best friend would not be burdened if I should die since she is my power of attorney and the mortuary had glass cases to keep the urn and they do not sell single cases so I had to purchase a double. It is so stupid….even in the afterlife I can’t be single.!

Onely - October 27, 2012

That may be the most insane story we have ever heard in our comments section on Onely. Yikes.

5. Too Many Wedding Bells | Rachel's Musings - November 12, 2012

[…] from those of us who are married. That line establishes the discrimination that has real social and economic consequences for unmarried people. There are over 1000 benefits that the US federal government […]

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