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Guest Post: Why People Living Alone Can Be Happy May 28, 2013

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6a00d8341eb61d53ef01348621cb5a970c-800wiCopious Readers, as you may have noticed, Onely likes to have guest posts from anyone who has something to say about how single people experience life–we welcome (even crave) input from all cultures and all sorts of relationship statuses, from divorced to widowed to single and seeking to single and happy to asexual and even married. Here is another guest post, this time by Ryan Thurmost, who talks about the benefits of living alone, which as you know is just one aspect of being single (and a privileged one at that). What other benefits can you add? Or drawbacks? Do you agree or disagree with the stated benefits? For more information, check out Eric Klinenberg’s book Going Solo

Why People Living Alone Can Be Happy

Everyone wants to find true happiness, but this can be a difficult task. Many find it surprising that living alone may be one of the solutions, but they really shouldn’t be. For a lot of us, it just makes sense. Here are some of the reasons why individuals who are living by themselves might actually be the quintessential picture of happiness 🙂No Financial Fights

If you surveyed a bunch of people who have roommates about their biggest stressors, you might discover that finances are the biggest reason for disagreement in their apartments or houses. Those who live alone have total control of their budget. If a bill doesn’t get paid, they have no one to blame but themselves. On top of that, they’re free to do what they want with extra spending money (within reason, of course) and don’t have to consult with someone on mundane topics such as whether or not to keep the A/C on high. They can install a new appliance when they want, they can order whatever cable package they want, etc.

Loving Themselves
You’ve probably heard people say that it’s hard to love another person when you don’t exactly love yourself. Individuals who live alone usually have the time to focus on themselves. They’re less likely to have to worry about caring for someone all day long, and they don’t constantly have to clean or cook to suit the needs and tastes of another. People who live alone have time to explore their hobbies and get to know both what they really like and what they want to do with their lives.


Sometimes, people are unable to own pets because their spouse or roommate doesn’t want one or is allergic. Fortunately, living alone means that many of us can finally bring this immense source of love into their lives. Pets have the innate ability to make people happy, and they can also help to relieve stress. Simply having a pet in the house can make a person so much happier than he or she has ever been before, because it often translates into unconditional acceptance and love. Of course, we should keep in mind that this also means making a lifelong commitment to this pet and its needs, but most pet-owners would agree that it’s worth it.
Setting a Schedule

You’ve probably had fights with siblings over who’s going to use the bathroom next, or maybe your roommate plays the music loudly in the middle of the night when you’re trying to sleep. Whatever the case may be, individuals who live alone don’t have to worry about these types of issues. Aside from outside obligations, such as work and school, inside the home they’re pretty much able to do whatever they want, whenever they want to do it. At the very least, you can be sure that your boyfriend or girlfriend (or any other type of caller, really) would be welcome at any time if you lived alone!

Now that I’ve laid all the plusses out there, what do ya think? Are there any minuses I should have addressed? Feel free to share your favorite aspects of being a solo dweller too!
Ryan Thurmost writes about self-help and happiness. His recent work is on earning an MS in Counseling Online.
Photo Credit: Maybe 13th St Studio–Craftzine. I (Christina) am not actually sure who to attribute this photo to, so if anyone knows please speak up!


1. confessionsofaserialdaterinla - May 31, 2013

This week I have been appreciating my singledom more than ever. I have walked around my house butt naked. I have had cereal for dinner. I sleep in the middle of my bed, and I have full control of the remote control. I look forward to meeting my soul mate and having kids one day. But there is something so freeing to be able to come and go as you please and be in your santuary alone with your thoughts.

2. sneezypb - June 1, 2013

How does one get Paul Zak’s recommended eight hugs a day when no one else is around?

3. Stella - June 11, 2013

You hug your dog. It’s a no brainer really. 🙂

4. Sylvia - July 6, 2013

Living alone made me the most reasonable, sanest person I know. Maybe it’s because there is nobody around for me to indulge any budding personality disorders. Or maybe it’s because inevitably single persons have to be their own emotional rock. But all I know is that the non-singles in my life are the most needy game playing people I know.

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Guest Post: Why People Living Alone Can Be Happy | Onely: Single and Happy

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Guest Post: Why People Living Alone Can Be Happy | Onely: Single and Happy (pron. Wun-Lee)

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