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Alabama State President–Victim of Singlism January 16, 2014

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Even the unmarried president of Alabama State, Gwendolyn Boyd, accepts discrimination 4708817904_8ff853a14d_oagainst single people, aka ‘singlism’. That shows how insidious singlism is in our society. Even a woman with a  master’s in mechanical engineering from Yale buys into the myth that couples are better than singles.  I must presume she is a highly intelligent, driven, open-minded woman. But then why, Copious Readers, would she end up accepting these terms from the university:

Her contract stipulated that she could not share her prime university housing with anyone except a husband.

And she didn’t fight back.

Check out this Washington Post article by Valerie Strauss to get the whole story, and to read about all Boyd’s *other* accomplishments that make her complacency in this matter even more startling.

I hope things have changed by now, but my research didn’t turn up anything. So I presume she is still living in a huge house she can’t share with anyone except a husband. Copious Readers, please help keep us at Onely updated on this frustrating play of events.

Here’s some Alabama State contact information you can use if you want to protest the policy, although if Boyd herself has shrugged it off, I don’t suppose that any sort of media campaign would make a mark.

Copious Readers, should Boyd have protested, or does she have the right not to care about singlism, even as the head of a distinguished university?

–Yours in disappointment,


Photo credit: Ronn Aldaman


1. Spinster - January 18, 2014

Couldn’t be me in her shoes. Seems like a grave violation of privacy.

2. RMcGr - January 21, 2014

So, she couldn’t just live there by herself? She had to have a husband to live in the house? Was she trying to move someone else in with her? I don’t get the full story.

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