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Seeking Sick Singles March 17, 2014

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3095657774_821b99ba56_oOnely is seeking singles who have chronic illness.

We are doing this for two reasons: One, a friend of ours is considering a possible documentary about singles with chronic illness. Two, just because we at Onely are interested in how single people live with chronic illness, and we hope to talk to a range of people meeting these criteria. If you would like to be considered for the (still hypothetical) documentary, or would like to tell your story outside of the documentary, please contact us at onely@onely.org. (Or leave a comment below.)

We are also seeking another term than “sick singles” (too pathetic and, what’s more, a little pornish-sounding) or “singles with chronic illness” (too unwieldy). Terms that distill into catchy acronyms would be great.


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1. Jane Zuroff - March 18, 2014


2. 10Landa - March 18, 2014

posted it to a few chronic illness communities I’m on Christina – good luck with it!!!

Onely - March 23, 2014

Thanks Iol! Appreciate it. = )

3. bethbren - March 18, 2014

Hello ladies,

Other than depression and anxiety- which are in the deep end of my gene pool, I am in great health. I deal with the step-sister of being sick yourself: my beloved dogs have had chronic or long-term illnesses. My current dog, Dempsey, is facing six months of chemo for lymphoma. I am facing six months of physical and emotional exhaustion.

I wrote about the first week– which was mostly worrying. The truly hard part started a few days later.


Good luck. This is important. I am passing it on via FB and Twitter.

Beth O’Donnell Principal GCI Consulting, Inc. 769 N. Croskey St. Phila., PA 19130 215-235-8364 o @beth_odonnell

Onely - March 23, 2014

Hi Beth,
Thanks for passing it on. Sorry about your dear dogs. They are family. CC

4. RachelAB - March 18, 2014

I am in (as you know 😉 ) and am also passing this on via social media and then to a few specific folks who I think are “sick singles.” (You know… I kinda like that double entedre in there… 😉 )

Onely - March 23, 2014

Thanks Rachel. I am not much good at social media so I appreciate you picking up that slack. Talk more over email.

5. Juliette - March 23, 2014

I am single with an illness. Happy to be involved, though I am in Australia. Will be travelling to the States later this year, though.

It would be interesting to see how universal health/ versus no government health care affects the sick single. Eg here in Australia my health care has been affordable, to date. One less worry.

Onely - March 23, 2014

Thanks Juliette. I agree, who knows what will happen. I am riding on my company’s health insurance which is so-so. Doesn’t cover acupuncture, which I find narrow-minded.

For more information on the documentary (which is still in tentative/fledgling stages) write us at onely@onely.org. CC

6. lenabena - March 25, 2014

diagnosed with chronic fatigue in 2001 which has recently been suspected to be causing other health concerns. still work FT but have zero social life due to sleeping weekends to balance the energy loss. single since 2010 and intermittently within that rang (i.e. 2004-2006). most sig others have issues with the symptoms which accompany CFS but most notably the manner in which the energy needed to accomplish tasks and the energy available fluctuate. especially when i am symptomatic; slurred speech, migraine, joint pain, sever muscle weakness (ect.), word recall, and cognitive issues. been a rough winter, spent many sick days sleeping. you don’t even want to see how filthy the house has gotten.

Onely - April 1, 2014

Joint pain and word recall are pretty common in Lyme disease. Just saying in case you wanted to consider it. Though I’m sure you’ve tried a bunch of stuff at this point. I’m sorry, that stinks. No judgement on filthy houses here! = ) CC

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9. Andrew - May 16, 2014

im single with vhl and happy

10. visit the next website - January 16, 2015

visit the next website

Seeking Sick Singles | Onely: Single and Happy

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