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Weird Things We Worship: Weddings May 21, 2014

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Copious Readers, welcome to the first installment of our new series, “Weird Things We Worship”. The theme of today’s post is Weddings.

Check out this Buzzfeed video “Things you would only do at a wedding that would be creepy elsewhere”. It shows how bizarre some of the aspects of marriage ceremonies are and makes you wonder just why we get all spun up about the Big Day.  That’s fine–lots of ceremonies have quirky bits, which are often fun. But weddings are different somehow. They often take themselves too seriously. And they can mirror society’s overall aura of marital status privilege (MSP). Watch the part of the video where our hero tells his friend to bring him a present. Well, watch the whole video, but especially watch that part. (Though all social analysis about MSP aside, it’s also fun to watch where our hero throws the rice. . .)




1. jrg - May 21, 2014

I usually try to avoid weddings and funerals, especially my own.

2. Wedding season, part I: How to spot a good one (guest’s POV) | bonng - June 30, 2014

[…] I’ve been to my fair share of weddings. It wasn’t too long ago that I went to 11 of them in one year. Both my social stamina and my wallet took a beating that year, and I came out so jaded about weddings that I now tend to lean towards the opinions of this writer. And this one. […]

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