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Please respond: Survey On Single Life June 13, 2016

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Hi Copious Readers,

Some dedicated writers-slash-singles-advocates have asked me to share this link and ask you to fill out the survey you’ll find there. These researchers are exploring how single people are perceived and treated by society. The result will be a book for lay people–by which I mean, not an academic book.

The survey is simple, digital, and multiple-choice.

Please share it forward if you can!





1. clofa - June 14, 2016

Is it just for US residents? I don’t wanna mess with their results because I live in a different society 🙂

2. Michele Keegan - June 17, 2016

Such important research! I have a podcast on the single experience – You’re Single, We Get It. Perhaps the researchers might be interested in coming on the show?

3. Rob - September 3, 2016

No offense, but I can’t consider this particular survey important research. I stopped at the 3rd question: re: importance society places on romantic relationships, 3 options: not enough, just right, or way too much. Isn’t the point that we are individuals? A little more nuance might offer research on the subject, and not just turn us into another market demographic.

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