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Christina and Lisa Pledge to Grow Old Together June 6, 2010

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Although the title of this post may suggest otherwise, no, we are not getting married! Christina and I currently live about 1,000 miles apart, and it’s unlikely that we’ll be neighbors anytime soon. But last month, after I made a trip to Kansas City to help my grandparents move from their home of 30+ years to a one-bedroom apartment in an assisted living facility, we decided that we need a plan for the future so we won’t grow old alone.

There is nothing wrong with growing old all by oneself, but I have been deeply moved by the experience of watching both sets of my grandparents age. This has made me think long and hard about how I’ll be able to maintain a high quality of life even as I age, especially since I plan to remain child-free (and probably partner-free). Presumably, having no children and no partner means that there won’t be anyone to help me if I fall and break my face, and no one will tell me when I start going crazy — which seems likely, given my gene pool. If I am destined for a ripe old age (which my heritage also suggests), I would like to lose it as gracefully and painlessly as possible.

Let me tell you about the experiences that have brought me to this reflection: (more…)

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