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Books, Excess, and Being Onely August 22, 2008

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So I just stumbled across an article which describes a 20-year-old who was arrested for having unpaid library fines! (poor girl, she doesn’t deserve to be punishedfor borrowing books!!!) What does this have to do with Being Onely, you might ask? Well, not much really. Except I have a problem. It’s called I-must-have-books. I mean, I must have them, and after a summer dedicated mostly to reading and thinking (only one month of teaching!), I currently have a ton of library books here in my apartment. They are piled in small, haphazard groups on my coffee table, hidden under loose papers all over my desk, stacked neatly on shelves in my living room — and of course let’s not forget the books I own, which take up lots of shelf space in the hallway outside of my apartment (seriously, the shelves are so big that there was no space for them — or the books I own — inside of this one-bedroom apartment!). (more…)

BOOK REVIEW: Full Frontal Feminism, by Jessica Valenti July 11, 2008

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Valenti, Jessica. Full Frontal Feminism: A Young Woman’s Guide to Why Feminism Matters. Seal Press, 2007:

“Value yourself for what the media doesn’t–your intelligence, your street smarts, your ability to play a kick-ass game of pool, whatever. So long as it’s not just valuing yourself for your ability to look hot in a bikini and be available to men, it’s an improvement.”

Full Frontal Feminism‘s text skips along while it imparts knowledge–a rare enough combination. The book condenses the contents of a thirteen-page bibliography into colloquial prose, presenting vivid example after vivid example of why we all (women *and* men) need to identify as feminists and buck the ridiculous stereotype that feminists are always hairy-legged man-haters. (Not that it isn’t sometimes delightful to forego shaving for weeks on end during the winter.)   (more…)

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