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Worldwide Onelers: In China, Women’s Marital Status Impacts Their Careers March 9, 2010

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Here is my Change.org post about how Chinese women are forced to pretend to be single in order to advance their careers, because single women are seen as less committed to family and more available for socializing with male customers.  Does anyone know what other countries this happens in? In the U.S. employers can be punished for asking anything about a woman’s marital prospects, but I’m not sure whether this actually affords female job seekers any actual protection from those annoying people who think single women will bail on the company as soon as  they find a man or get pregnant. I imagine that an unscrupulous or ignorant interviewer could make the assessment about a woman’s marital status/prospects without ever asking her anything about it, basing his judgment solely on her age and supposed attractiveness.

I promise to get back to writing posts on Onely soon. I plead clemency right now because I’m stricken with the terrible stomach flu, truly a Bad Onely Activity. Please stay tuned for my next post, which will involve Butts. (Not related to the stomach flu though.)


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