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Excuses, Excuses… October 31, 2009

Posted by Onely in single and happy.
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Hi everyone —

It’s Christina’s long-lost co-blogger, Lisa! I know I’ve been out of touch, and unfortunately it’s looking like I must continue to be until the whole series of doctoral exams are over. I’ve survived one, and the next is next week, and the final one will be at the beginning of December. Then — and only then — will I be able to regain my life and finally get back to Onely.

So, if you’ve noticed that I’ve been gone — and the posts are a little less frequent — that’s why. Christina says that she’s got a few more posts up her sleeve, but she’s participating in National Novel Writing Month (times TWO — this month it’s nonfiction, she tells me, and in December she’s going to do fiction — WOW) — so we won’t have more than a post a week from now through the holiday season. However, I feel confident that by January, we’ll be back to the frequent posting habits that I’m sure you all have come to expect from us — and we’ll also be more “present” in the rest of the blogosphere at that time.

Meanwhile, I want to publicly say THANKS to Christina for staying on top of this — and HI to all of our wonderful copious readers — I can’t tell you how much I am ready for this stage of my work to be finished and to get back to the blogosphere!



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