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The Love Vaccine January 18, 2009

Posted by Onely in Dating, Food for Thought, Just Saying., single and happy.
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Whenever I mention Onely to a civilian–I mean a non-blogger, and/or someone who hasn’t done a lot of questioning of social norms–they almost always ask me, “So, you’re committed to be single forever, then?” or “Then you’re a proponent of being single?” Well, yes and no. What these civilians seem to mean when they ask these questions is, “So, do you think less of coupling than singling?” As if the only possible reason to write a blog about a topic is because you dislike the opposite topic. As we explain in About Onely, Lisa and I are not, repeat, not against love or romantic relationships, for ourselves or for others. 

However, I admit that the idea of a Love Vaccine immediately intrigued me. Prevent myself from ever again slipping into the goobery, obsessive foolishness of multiple unreturned text messages and phone calls? Tell me more! Ok:  (more…)

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